March 23, 2019


About the course

This course focuses on developing the practical skills needed to plan and manage effectively large academic projects (assignments, research projects, grants, and dissertations) with Scrivener and Citavi.

Delivery format

  • small group online training (via Skype/ZOOM)
  • traditional workshops
  • webinars

Who is the course for?

  • students who are assessed on the basis of their writing (assignments, essays, projects)
  • international students preparing for English-speaking universities
  • professionals writing a grant proposal, academic project etc.
  • students writing dissertations/theses
  • universities, colleges, schools, and institutions

What does the course teach?

The course teaches students how to:

  • undertake a literature search
  • organise PDFs and books
  • read and evaluate sources
  • collect and organise notes
  • evaluate evidence
  • outline a project and assign tasks
  • outline paragraphs
  • integrate notes into writing
  • organise  arguments
  • synthesize and analyze sources
  • reference sources
  • produce the first draft
  • presenting the project

What are the benefits for students?

It is an affordable, convenient and effective form of developing writing skills. Students develop simultaneously academic language, academic writing, knowledge management skills, research skills, and independent learning skills. The course improves productivity, saves time, reduces stress, gives students more control over their projects, helps conquer information overload and writer’s block, improves the quality of academic projects.

I’ll cover the following CITAVI topics:

  • Starting a Project
  • Adding References
  • Linking a File to a Reference
  • Adding a Book by ISBN
  • Importing PDF Files
  • Searching Online
  •  Searching Library Catalogs with Citavi
  • Adding a PDF File or website with the Picker
  • Planning Tasks
  • Finding Full Text
  • Organizing Knowledge
  • Applying Keywords
  • Adding Abstracts and Tables of Contents
  • Evaluating a Reference
  • Adding Notes
  • Documenting Relationships
  • Annotating PDF Files
  • Copying Quotations from Webpages
  • Adding Image Quotations
  • Creating Categories
  • Organizing References by Category
  • Sorting Quotations and Thoughts
  • Saving Quotations and Thoughts as a Compilation Formatting a Publication
  • Creating a Project Bibliography
  • Changing Citation Styles
  • Creating a Publication with Word
  • Quick Search within a Project

I’ll cover the following SCRIVENER topics:

  • Installing Scrivener
  • Binder and Document Management
  • Editor
  • Navigation
  • Split Screen
  • Inspector features
  • References Management
  • Scratchpad
  • Word targets
  • Searching
  • Collections
  • Compiling your Project
  • Backing up


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