March 10, 2017


I love nothing better than sharing what I have learned as an international student, researcher and academic tutor in the United Kingdom with those students who are serious about their studies. If this sounds like you, we need to connect.
 • I am a qualified teacher of English for Academic Purposes and Academic Skills Trainer.
• I am a researcher specialising in Randomised Controlled Trials, Bilingual Education and Literacy.
• I have MSc in Teaching English to Speaker of Other Languages and PhD in Bilingual Education (Queen’s University, the UK).
• I used to be an international student myself.
I wrote my undergraduate project in my third language and PhD in my second language. I do understand the needs of international students very well.
• I have been teaching academic English and academic study skills to many nationalities for 15 years.
• My current students are from UK, Japan, Brazil, Poland, Russia, Spain, China, France, and Germany.
• I have vast experience in learning languages, I have learnt six languages independently. I know how to teach languages, but  I also know how to learn them quickly.
• I have expertise in employing technology in language learning. I am interested in Computer-Assisted Language Learning and software improving academic study skills.
• I have access to varied learning materials that I share with my students (software, books, audio-books, PDFs, flashcards).
• I have no attachment to a specific teaching method. I tailor my lessons to students’ needs. I do not believe in one method of teaching/learning. Everyone learns differently.
• I draw inspiration from many sources (e.g. academic publications, online forums, own and my students’ experiences).
• I like to work with authentic materials (e.g. if you want to study Information Technology in the UK, my lessons are based on IT journals, IT podcasts etc).
• I focus on the key skills needed to succeed at English-speaking universities.
• I provide international students with individualized, ongoing advice, support and training from the day they decide to study abroad to the graduation day.
• I have experience in teaching writing academic projects to international and local students in the UK, from undergraduate to doctoral level.
• I have expertise in qualitative and quantitative research methods,  academic software (e.g CitaviZotero, Scrivener, Mendeley, RefWorks), statistical analysis (SPSS, experimental research, correlational research, RCTs)
• My training develops the key skills every international student needs to successfully navigate through the university.
• I have knowledge and experience few English teachers possess.
• Last but not least, I guarantee a pleasant atmosphere and measurable effects.
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