March 10, 2017


I offer FREE online consultations for two main groups of students:

International students preparing for English-speaking universities

My consultation offers help and honest, independent  advice on academic English and academic skills needed to succeed at university in the UK/USA/Australia/Canada (assignment writing, IELTS, academic English, academic reading, critical thinking). During consultation I also suggest a tailored plan to improve academic skills in the shortest time possible.

Masters/PhD students writing their dissertations, theses, and assignments  

The purpose of the consultation is to give students suggestions and feedback on how to improve their academic projects. The consultation covers following topics: planning academic projects, using sources effectively, developing and organising ideas, critical approach, academic English, improving  referencing.  The consultations generally will not cover subject or discipline specific guidance. However if you are studying education, languages, TESOL, social sciences, psychology, I might be able to help more. 

Important information:

You can arrange a consultation by email/skype/phone..

Shorter 20-minute consultation is FREE.

I charge £20 for a 60-minute consultation session. 

Do I need to prepare anything for my consultation?

Yes. Try to identify the problematic areas of your dissertation, thesis, assignment.  If want to discuss a piece of written work, submit a copy of the work at least three days before your consultation. Prepare and send me outline of the questions you might have.


Contact me by email, phone/WhatsApp:
+44 7582859784, skype: bernardpar.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and helping you to achieve your academic goals and needs. Otherwise, please read my blog for an overview of academic skills needed at English speaking universities. 

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