April 26, 2018


I offer two courses for universities in the UK, Ireland and Europe (workshops) and worldwide (online training):

(1) Prepare for University Abroad (for undergraduate and postgraduate students) 

(2) Writing Academic Projects in English (assignments, research projects, Masters and PhD theses)

Course delivery format

  • one-to-one and small group online training (via ZOOM)
  • traditional workshops
  • webinars

Benefits for students

  • affordable, convienient and effective form of university preparation
  • students develop simultaneously academic language, academic writing, knowledge management skills, research skills, and independent learning skills, all within their chosen field of study
  • improved productivity, substantial time savings, less stress, more control and better quality academic projects
  • students develop the required level of academic scholarship 
  • non-threatening assessment & detailed feedback

Why work with me?

I offer one of the best and most affordable forms of university preparation and academic writing training.

I focus on skills which matter the most and can be developed quickly and effectively.

I provide students with  a high quality, pedagogically sound, student-centred, flexible academic skills curriculum which is aligned with the demands of academic faculties and disciplines.

I also provide students with relevant and inclusive learning materials in a range of formats (online lectures, chat collaborative discussions, downloadable slides, worksheets, checklists, group activities, easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorials, hands-on activities).

My courses address most of the issues affecting pre-sessional courses in the UK (assessment issues, untimely focus on improving IELTS scores, generic design, the tension between assessment and learning, inadequate focus on the process of writing, inadequate teachers’ skills, conflict of interest, unrealistic expectations).

Detailed syllabus: 

Prepare for University Abroad:  general and subject specific Academic English, research & knowledge management skills, coping with heavy reading load, interactive reading, note-taking & outlining, organising texts on the macro-level, critical reading, revision and exam skills, independent learning skills, seminars and presentation skills, writing academic projects, statistics, portfolio reading tasks, portfolio writing tasks (supervised paper writing), formative & summative feedback, awareness of the learning environment in the UK, introduction to the skills needed to succeed at university, discussion of individual action plans and connect to personal objectives

Writing Academic Projects in English: selecting topic, searching & evaluating sources, interactive reading, note-taking & outlining, critical reading, evaluating evidence, structuring arguments & paragraphs, synthesising and analysing, incorporating reading into writing, drafting & revising, referencing, academic software skills e.g. Scrivener, Zotero, Citavi, SPSS, quantitative and qualitative methods, statistics, undertaking independent research, portfolio reading tasks, portfolio writing tasks (supervised writing), formative & summative feedback

Partnership with universities, colleges and language schools

If you are interested in my courses,  collaboration or partnership, please contact me to discuss the details (+44 7582859784, sparniewicz01@qub.co.uk).


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