March 10, 2017


The one-to-one course (via Skype or Zoom) develops skills needed to write  a dissertation, thesis or a longer research project (e.g. grant proposal, reports etc).

I will cover the following CITAVI topics:

• Starting a Project
• Creating a Local Project
• Adding References
• Adding a Book by Hand
• Adding a Contribution in an Edited Book
• Tips for Names of Persons
• Linking a File to a Reference
• Adding a Book by ISBN
• Adding Multiple Books by ISBN
• Selecting Catalogs for ISBN
• Importing PDF Files
• Searching Online
• Searching Library Catalogs with Citavi
• Searching Research Databases with Citavi
• Importing Settings Files
• Importing Results from Online Databases
• Importing Search Results with the Picker
• Adding a PDF File with the Picker
• Adding a Webpage with the Citavi Picker
• Adding Books by ISBN with the Picker Planning Your Work
• Planning Tasks
• Printing a Task List
• Selecting Catalogs for Location Searches
• Finding Library Locations
• Ordering Books
• Finding Full Text Organizing Knowledge
• Applying Keywords
• Adding Abstracts and Tables of Contents
• Evaluating a Reference
• Adding Notes
• Documenting Relationships
• Adding Quotations by Hand
• Annotating PDF Files
• Copying Quotations from Webpages
• Adding Image Quotations
• Creating Categories
• Organizing References by Category
• Sorting Quotations and Thoughts
• Saving Quotations and Thoughts as a Compilation Formatting a Publication
• Making a Selection
• Creating a Simple Project Bibliography
• Creating a Grouped Project Bibliography
• Printing an Annotated Project Bibliography
• Changing Citation Styles
• Creating a Publication with Word
• Creating a Publication with Writer
• Creating a Publication with LaTeX (forthcoming) Navigating and Searching
• Navigating within Your Project
• Quick Search within a Project
• Advanced Search within a Project Editing Projects
• Managing Lists
• Moving or Copying References
• Backing Up Your Projects
• Restoring a Project from a Backup
• Deleting Projects

I will teach you how to:

• select topic
• find quality sources
• formulate research questions
• organise PDFs, books and notes so everything is easy to find
• evaluate sources & evidence
• collect and organise notes
• outline project and assign tasks
• integrate notes into your writing
• organise your arguments
• read critically
• write a literature review
• reference your sources
• produce your first draft
• use software to accelerate and simplify academic writing 
• simultaneously read, note-take, reference and write
•  select methodology 

I help with common problems encountered during academic writing.  I guide students through all stages of dissertation/thesis writing, ‘from blank page to first draft’. 

Writing a dissertation cannot get easier than that!

Benefits for you:
• Substantial time savings 
• Transferable knowledge management skills
• Better quality projects
• Avoiding accidental plagiarism
• More control over your project
• Conquering information overload, writer’s block and stress

£100 (Training takes 3hrs)

For FREE no-obligation consultation contact me by email, phone/whatsapp:
+44 7582859784, skype: bernardpar. 

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