October 15, 2017


One-to-one online tutoring (Skype/Zoom) for students and professionals who want to improve  English for Academic Purposes.

How do I teach?

I work mainly with authentic materials: academic journals, books, video lectures, TED etc. I often discuss with my students materials we have read, watched or listened to before the lesson. Students have to write summaries, short research projects and assignments. My lessons are always linked to the subject you are going to study. E.g. if you want to study medicine, all materials will be related to your chosen field.


  • improving confidence, effectiveness, and conversational fluency in a range of academic situations (e.g. presentations, seminars)
  • developing academic listening skills
  • developing skills needed in group discussions (e.g. giving an opinion, agreeing, persuading, disagreeing, negotiating effectively)
  • practising speaking on different academic topics after reading short academic articles. No more nerve-racking situations!
  • developing reading skills needed for writing (finding information quickly in texts, summarising and paraphrasing, reading critically/evaluating the text, skimming for gist, scanning for information)
  • improving academic writing: e.g. grammar, cohesion and coherence, academic language accuracy,  development of arguments, linking ideas, and presenting arguments

£15 for 60 min/lesson

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