July 1, 2017


One-to-one online tutoring (Skype/Zoom) for ambitious and motivated students who want to prepare well for studying at English speaking universities. Fast and effective route towards reaching both the required English language level and the key academic skills.

The rationale:

International students face a long list of obstacles on the way to a university degree. Apart from the general English language proficiency, students have to develop spoken academic English needed for seminars and workshops, writing skills for academic projects, knowledge management skills, research skills, learning independence, presentation skills, exam and revision  skills.  On the top of it, students need to get a satisfactory score on the IELTS test. This can be daunting, even for those students who are already proficient in English.

Unfortunately, most of the pre-sessional courses  in the UK are ineffective due to untimely focus on improving IELTS scores, generic design, the tension between assessment and learning, lack of the focus on the process of writing, and inadequate teachers’ skills.

Individual approach: 

I offer my students truly unique, affordable, and effective form of university preparation before students arrive in the UK. I always provide my students with a highly personalised training approach.  Simply, no two students are the same, consequently, they need help with different academic competencies and skills.

My tutoring focuses on:

  • General Academic English
  • Subject specific Academic English (e.g. medicine, IT, business)
  • Research skills
  • Knowledge management skills
  • Revision and exam skills
  • Independent learning skills
  • Seminars and presentation skills
  • Academic Software Skills (Scrivener, Zotero, Citavi, SPSS)
  • Writing Academic Projects skills (Selecting Topic, Searching for Sources, Evaluating Sources, Interactive Reading, Note-taking & Outlining, Critical Reading, Evaluating Evidence, Developing Reading Comprehension, Structuring Arguments/Paragraphs,Synthesising and Analysing, Incorporating Reading into Writing, Drafting & Revising, Referencing)

I offer students feedback, advice on studying in the UK, books and supplementary materials. Contact me for FREE consultation.




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