July 1, 2017


One-to-one online course (Skype/Zoom) for motivated students who want to prepare well for studying at English speaking universities. This course will be particularly beneficial for students who are assessed on the basis of their writing (assignments, essays, projects). 

The rationale:

Many students who know English proficiently (e.g. achieved an IELTS Band 8 or 9) struggle with academic writing. Consequently, academic writing is a major source of stress and the principal reason for the lower academic performance of international students. 

My approach: 

Students work with me on a self-selected research project  (5,000 words) related to their area of study. Students simultaneously develop Academic English, writing & presentation skills, knowledge management & research skills, and independent learning skills, all within their chosen field of study.

The course develops:

  • Academic Writing Skills (Selecting Topic, Searching for Sources, Evaluating Sources, Interactive Reading, Note-taking & Outlining, Critical Reading, Evaluating Evidence,  Reading Comprehension, Structuring Arguments/Paragraphs,Synthesising and Analysing, Incorporating Reading into Writing, Drafting & Revising, Referencing)
  • Subject specific Academic English (e.g. medicine, IT, business)
  • Research skills (quantitative and qualitative research)
  • Knowledge management skills
  • Seminars and presentation skills
  • Academic Software Skills (Scrivener, Zotero, Citavi, SPSS)

Benefits for students:

It is a truly unique, affordable, and effective form of university preparation before students arrive in the UK.  The course equips students with all important skills needed at English-speaking universities. Students improve productivity which translates into substantial time savings, less stress, more control, and better quality of academic projects.

I offer students feedback, advice on studying in the UK, books and supplementary materials. Contact me for FREE consultation.


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