July 1, 2017


One-to-one online course (Skype/Zoom) for students who want to prepare well for studying at English speaking universities. It is a must course  for all students who will be assessed on the basis of their writing (assignments, essays, projects).

My approach: 

Students work with me on a self-selected research project  (3,000 words) related to their area of study. Students simultaneously develop Academic English, writing & presentation skills, knowledge management & research skills, and independent learning skills, all within their chosen field of study.

The course develops:

  • Academic Writing Skills (Selecting Topic, Searching for Sources, Evaluating Sources, Interactive Reading, Note-taking & Outlining, Critical Reading, Evaluating Evidence,  Reading Comprehension, Structuring Arguments/Paragraphs,Synthesising and Analysing, Incorporating Reading into Writing, Drafting & Revising, Referencing)
  • Subject specific Academic English (e.g. medicine, IT, business)
  • Research skills (quantitative and qualitative research)
  • Knowledge management skills
  • Seminars and presentation skills
  • Academic Software Skills (Scrivener, Zotero, Citavi)

Benefits for students:

It is a truly unique, affordable, and effective form of university preparation before students arrive in the UK.  The course equips students with all important skills needed at English-speaking universities. Students improve productivity which translates into substantial time savings, less stress, more control, and better quality of academic projects.

I offer students feedback, advice on studying in the UK, books and supplementary materials. Contact me for FREE consultation.


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